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Abstract Artists

All Artwork Sold on this Site is in the form of Giclee Print on Stretched Canvas!

New York City artists AJ & Melelina LaGasse create unique abstract art and landscape paintings in oil and acrylics.

Artist AJ LaGasse
AJ LaGasse

Artist's Bio:

A self-taught artist, AJ's works range from realism and impressionist to surrealism on canvas and wood supports. His mediums include charcoal, pencil, pastels, acrylic and oil paints.

I've been creating art, in one way or another, since early childhood: I started painting with acrylics in my late teens, and soon discovered that I liked to create textured art paintings on large canvases (36x48, 48x48 inches). By my early 20's, I always had a steady stream of friends and acquaintances that wanted some of my paintings. I experimented with oils, acrylics, textures, and mixed media.

One year led to the next; each one with more knowledge than the last. I visited galleries, museums (still do, of course!), and read as much as I could about art and painting. I painted, and sketched. This was my 'art education', no formal training- just the desire to create and analyze. To experiment, and learn.

Thus, for the last 20 years, I've been creating abstract works, as well as realistic portraits, murals, landscapes, and even an egyptian burial tomb replica installation. These pieces were commissioned through word of mouth, as they say, and the more I created, the more demand there seemed to be!

Artist's Statement:

"My goal as an artist is to convey the joy of life through my artwork"

"Whether I paint a landscape, seascape, or an abstract, I try to impart more than just a color that will match your decor: within each painting is a positive vibe that will hopefully put a smile on your face, take you away to a faraway land, or simply welcome you home after a tough day.

My theory is, surround yourself with positive energy, and you can be sure that it will project through you! If your surroundings are dull and un-inspiring, you will always seem to lack that pep to your step.

On the other hand, pick out a painting or two that catches your eye or inspires you -- you'll definitely feel energetic!"

AJ has sold paintings online to corporate and private collectors, worldwide. In fact, you will find over 1,500 LaGasse paintings WORLDWIDE!

Artist Melelina LaGasse

Artist's Bio:

Melelina is a self-taught, self-representing artist that has been drawing since early childhood. She continues to expand her palette, so to speak, as she explores impressionism, abstract art, and cubism. You will also see simple, contemporary 'deco art', for those who prefer the clean-cut look of color on their walls.

Artist's Statement:

"I love painting abstracts- it allows my mind to express my emotions on a canvas wihout limits. When I approach a blank canvas, I quickly start to cover it with color, and only once the surface is covered, do I actually relax into the creative process. Moving paint, brushing, sometimes scrubbing, until I see what is is relevant, and what is not. This creative process is very relaxing, and rewarding."

You'll notice that besides abstract paintings, I love the sky and I love painting sunsets!

There is something so spectacular and magical about sunsets! They are simply awesome to behold, and each one is unique.

Below are some of the far reaches of the globe that I've gone and witnessed this most beautiful sight.

-AJ LaGasse


Bora Bora, Tahiti




Puerto Rico





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