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Egyptian Burial Tomb Wall Details

This project involved the reproduction of a wall that was part of an ancient egyptian burial chamber. The original wall is located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City:

Egypt wall diagram
Image courtesy - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Egypt wall diagram

Many reference photographs were taken during several different sessions. Since no object is permitted to come direct contact with the wall in the museum, various rulers and objects were used to help measure the hieroglyph height and width.

The scale of the actual wall was slightly larger than the wall where the reproduction would be created, so the entire project's dimensions were scaled down to approximately 78% of the original size.

The black and white pictogram above is part of the museum's display, outlining the characters on the wall. This helped correlate the reference pictures when creating the wall.



Egypt wall preparation

The new wall was created with styrofoam panels that were pre-cut into the block-like shapes first, then applied to the wall using a grid system. The hieroglyphics were carved into the styrofoam using X-acto knives and soldering irons.

Finally, the wall was painted several times to ensure that the paint filled any voids in the styrofoam.



Egyptian Burial Tomb wall completed


Private Collection - (Not available for sale)


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